My name is Clive Maxheath and I'm leader of The MAP - Men's Action Project. I know from first hand experience it can painful when we have things we want to create, places we want to go, but feel they are somehow out of reach. Rushing around in a world of constant distraction and busyness. Reflecting alone with only hesitation and self-limiting belief as company. 

I’ve been there… powerless, frustrated, angry, talking about what I’m “going to do” and avoiding answering difficult questions. In this place we are stuck, unable to take that important first step  - the mission over before it has even begun.

In reality there is no magic bullet and what MAP offers is a pro-active coaching service that provides focus. A space to gain clarity and encouragement to make those tangible day to day steps toward where we want to go and what we want to become.

That's why I created MAP. The MAP is a coaching and personal development service that motivates, inspires and empowers men to walk their talk. At MAP I deliver three core services to fulfil this objective. Find out more about each on the links below:

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'A world where men lead authentically successful, fulfilled and fun-packed lives'


'A coaching service that motivates, inspires and empowers men to walk their talk'


‘Clive took his time to really understand where I was coming from before setting goals, making me feel motivated and empowered to grow my idea‘
— Robert (Social Media Consultant)