My name is Clive Maxheath and I'm a professional men’s coach. I know from experience how painful it can be when we have goals we want to achieve but feel they are out of reach. Reflecting alone with only hesitation and self-limiting belief as company. Here we are aimless, stuck and frustrated. Here our relationships are suffering. Here our impact and how we show up in the in the world is limited.

In reality there is no magic bullet and what I’m offering with MAP is a men’s coaching service that provides encouragement with making steps towards what we want to achieve and become. In accordance a MAP coaching program is centred on moving us towards a state of focus, progress and fulfilment. A life where our relationships are flourishing, An environment where our impact and how we show up in the world is at it’s fullest.

In the video below you'll hear from men who've already achieved incredible results having completed a MAP coaching program:

Men’s Coaching with Clive Maxheath - Testimonial Video

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The MAP - A Men’s Coaching Service that:

1. Provides a space for men to gain clarity with their personal vision and mission.

2. Focuses on both the ‘doing’ and ‘being’ elements of life's work.

3. Supports and challenges men to execute on aligned personal tasks/goals.

‘Clive took his time to really understand where I was coming from before setting goals, making me feel motivated and empowered to grow my idea‘
— Robert (Social Media Consultant)
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