Clive’s coaching is incredibly insightful, I don’t think its an accident I arrived at the results I was looking for so quickly. They were there already and Clive drew them out. That is his talent
— Sandor (Startup Investor)

The Summit: 1-2-1 Coaching Program

My 1-2-1 program consists of a total of 7 personal coaching sessions across of a period of 12 weeks including:

  • 2-hour 'base camp' discovery and planning session, including designing our alliance and establishing your goals for the program.

  • Two 1-hour ‘check point' sessions to monitor progress, reflect and task set.

  • A 'Strengthfinder' online assessment to identify personal strengths and values. (completed in-between coaching sessions)

  • 1-hour 'mid-point' half time review session to review and analyse progress.

  • Two 1-hour ‘check point' sessions to monitor progress, reflect and task set

  • 1-hour completion 'summit' session to celebrate learning and successes from the program.

*note - If possible I encourage 'base camp', 'mid-point' and 'summit' sessions to be in person, however all three sessions can be delivered utilising video conferencing or over the phone if more suitable (for example you're based outside of the country or travel for whatever reason is difficult).

The current price for this program is set at £490.

Want to partner up? I offer a cost-free 45 minute online ‘introduction’ session so we can test the water and ensure we're a good coaching match. 

What next? The button below will take you to my contact page where you can message me direct and begin to discuss our potential as a coaching partnership: