A Coach who literally walks his talk"

"My first coaching session with Clive was an inspiration. I was able to sketch out a vision and mission for my startup idea and identify some actions to take for my goals and targets. 

— Michael (I.T Consultant)


“Inspiring and energising

Clive's group coaching program was a well thought out and structured journey toward fulfilling goals that I had been chasing for some time. Fun, challenging and rewarding at the same time.

— Marc (Recruitment Consultant)


Kind and compassionate

Clive took his time to really understand where I was coming from before setting goals, making me feel motivated and empowered to grow my idea. ‘

— Robert (Social Media Expert)


Confident clear presentation

'The evening was a success, and Clive fitted a lot of good material into just 2 hours'

— Kenny (Men's Personal Development Consultant)