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Sourced from a range of different podcasts, these episodes will help support your personal growth:

David Allen: London Real Podcast

David Allen is author of the productivity book Getting Things Done. In the 80s, David developed his model for increasing productivity and efficiency, one that can be applied on personal and corporate scales. Here Allen details how damaging the busyness of modern life can be and the importance of writing things ‘to do’ down so they can be processed (removing potential worry and procrastination).

Itunes Link - http://bit.ly/2_Dave_Allen_LR_Itunes

Stitcher Link - http://bit.ly/2_GTD_Dave_Allen_LR_Stitcher

Daniel Priestly: The New Man Podcast

Daniel Priestly (author of Key Person on Influence) talks in depth here about how ego can limit our professional development and why true success will only come from spending more time creating, rather than consuming. One of the interesting concepts in this interview is the idea that personal development when approached the wrong way can be damaging, instead acting as a block to doing the things we need to clear hurdles and realise our potential.

Link - http://bit.ly/Daniel_Priestley_New_Man_Pod

Nick McCarthy: The Tim Ferris Podcast

Nick McCarthy is British a one-arm, award-winning concert pianist. Diving deep into Nick’s background and story, he shares openly some of the success secrets that got him where he is today including overcoming early rejections and traditional hard-nosed ideals that exist within the classical schooling world.

Link - http://bit.ly/Nick_McCarthy_Tim_Ferris

Ramit Sethi - The School of Greatness Podcast

Ramit is an expert in personal finance and is author of the popular book ‘ I will teach you to be rich’. In this episode, Ramit covers strategies for money management, spending psychology and mistakes people often make when starting businesses.

Link - http://bit.ly/Ramit_Sethi_SOG


Bryan Callen - The Art of Charm Podcast

Bryan Callen is an actor, comedian, and podcaster who grew up traveling the world. He holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is certain of comedy’s power to change the world. Some brilliant insights here with reflections on real-life experiences to back it up.

Link - http://bit.ly/AOC_Bryan_Callen_Mixed_Martial_Arts

Kyle Eschenroeder - Art of Manliness Podcast

Philosopher and 'startupbro.com' CEO Kyle Eschenroeder delves into the psychology of ‘taking action’ in our crazy modern age. Introducing thought provoking ideas and strategies for getting past blockages that are hard-wired into our human psychology.

Link - http://bit.ly/AOM_Action_In_Uncertainty


Ted Ryce - Legendary Life Podcast

Ted leads the listener through a number of the better-known training myths such as ‘you should train each body art once a week’, breaking down the realities of the situation and offering some qualified training tips in between.

Link - http://bit.ly/Ted_R_Debunking_9_myths


Why we do what we do: The Tony Robbins Podcast

In this episode you will hear Tony delve deeper into the 6 human needs – certainty, significance, variety, love/connection, growth and contribution – and how each influences our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions. This talk is one of the first 6 TED talks ever, and is now the #6 most viewed TED talk of all time.

Link - http://bit.ly/Tony_Robbins_WWDWWD


Micheal Hilton - The Men On Form Podcast

Yes, the archive wouldn't be complete without it - mine and Micheal’s very own podcast - Men On Form! Micheal opens up here discussing the impact coming from a broken home had on his development as a teenager and struggles with alcohol and drug addiction in early adulthood. Michael delivers powerful insights here we can all learn from and apply in our own daily battles.

Itunes Link - http://bit.ly/2Men_On_Form

Stitcher Link - http://bit.ly/2Men_On_Form_Pod


Vanilla Ice - The Talk is Jericho Podcast

Vanilla Ice became famous as a rapper rise to fame in the early 90's. In this interview Ice talks in depth about the challenges of the personal attachment with his image as a young star (he hit fame at only 16) and how he found purpose in life working on his passion for developing properties with a team of good friends. Inspiring and well worth an hour of your time.

Link - http://bit.ly/Jericho_Vanilla_Ice_Podcast