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Hand selected videos to inspire personal growth:



Shawn Achor - Happiness Advantage

Most modern research focuses on the average, but Shawn wants us to study the positive outliers, and learn how not only to bring people up to the average, but to move the entire average up. 

Everyday Leadership - Drew Dudley

Drew redefines leadership, telling a touching story about small gestures and huge unseen impact. Warm, with some light comedy the uplifting message is timeless. 

Benjamin Zander: Work - How to give an ‘A’

The conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra for over 25 years, Ben explains how by subconsciously programming his students for success, their performance improves significantly.


You owe you: Dr Eric Thomas

Eric's life back story as a homeless man to becoming one of America's top speakers is one of real-life inspiration. A motivational shot in the arm - in this talk Eric highlights taking responsibility and shredding victim mentality. 

What makes a good life - Robert Waldinger

Robert discusses findings from a 75 year Harvard study on happiness. There is some real insight here and concluding message is a simple and so very important one! 

The true story behind Rocky

The Rocky films were some of the cheesiest fictional pieces ever made, however the inspiring Stallone true back story is very much a real one. This montage will fill you in, cleverly using motivational clips from the films with subtitles to explain all. 


Education & Creativity - Ken Robinson

Shot back in 2006 Ken Robinson’s talk has gone on to become the most popular TED talk ever. Neatly interlacing some great comedy lines, with a poignant theme concerning education and creativity. Anyone seeking inspiration for engaging more in a creative practice look no further.


The Psychology of Self-Motivation - Scott Gellar

An insightful 15 minutes delving into the psychology of self-motivation. Exploring 4 key words that can provide the answer to how some of the more traditional approaches are falling short. 

The Power of Vulnerability - Brene Brown

Brene shares insights from her research into vulnerability - a state we associate with emotions we want to avoid such as fear, shame, and uncertainty. Yet can lose sight of the fact that it is also the birthplace of joy, belonging, creativity, authenticity, love and personal growth!

6 rules of success - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold shares the 6 key personal principles he developed and applied to realise success in a multitude of fields.