Greetings, my name is Clive Maxheath and I'm a professional men’s coach (like a personal trainer but for the mind). I partner with men experiencing one four scenarios below with their objectives and goals:

Scenario 1 - Out of Reach

We have goals we want to achieve but feel they are somehow out of reach. We feel powerless, stuck and frustrated.

Scenario 2 - Out of Alignment

We have goals that we are working toward but feel they are somehow out of alignment of what is is we really want to achieve. We feel astray, paralysed and angry.

Scenario 3 - Bogged Down

We have goals that we are working toward but feel bogged down by life’s demands and all the things we are required to do and be. We feel exhausted, tired and overwhelmed.

Scenario 4 - Where to start?

We have no idea what goals we want to work toward or where to start? We feel confused, overcome and lost.

Gents, speaking from personal experience in the above scenarios our relationships are often suffering. Our impact and how we show up in the in the world is limited.

There simply is no magic bullet. I offer a men’s coaching service that encourages motivation, exploration, reflection and self-leadership to work through and beyond these scenarios. At the centre of every MAP coaching program is moving you toward a state of focus, progress, groundedness and fulfilment. A life where your relationships are flourishing, A world where your impact is significant and you show up expansive and full.

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‘Plan life as if to live to a wise old age, but live day each day mindful there is no guarantee of tomorrow’
— Clive Maxheath (Professional Men's Coach)
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